The Writing Train Has Finally Left The Station

Writing – finally, we have progress again!

Apparently, all I needed was a mental recharge and a visit from my sister to trigger a scene between sisters. 5k later, I’ve managed to write a daily amount which would see me comfortably through NaNoWriMo, which is plenty for a daily average and a good idea to maintain just for practising.

That or it was the genre swap (I’ve been reading Sci-Fi for a week instead of fluff) or the ridiculous amount of alcohol consumed over the weekend.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t care what it was; I feel like I have my mojo back!

It’s also nice to be able to write something I intended on doing… even if there is one (perfectly logical) diversion. It doesn’t even make later scenes change. It’s also allowed me to acknowledge a greater depth in one character. Good stuff, so far. Now to redirect this on time in April for Camp NaNo…

Back to the sci-fi binge – I need to stop being obsessive about things I find interesting. I breeze through everything available rather than pacing myself – though spending a week reading six books is pacing myself – then get a prolonged story hangover when I’m done. I’m just lucky in this case that there’s already a spinoff to get into, though I’m not convinced it’ll have the same impact.

It may freshen up my ‘you might like’ list though – moving it away from fluff.

It’s also, unfortunately, the time when the TV programmes I was watching before Christmas have started airing again. That means less reading time 😦


NaNoWriMo and Other Things

I have officially won my first ever NaNoWriMo! Yay!

I also discovered yesterday, quite by accident, that there was a site which had exactly what I need to motivate myself beyond 50k: They were sponsoring NaNo and I clicked through… and discovered the exact right thing for me.

I got 2k out on this new thing yesterday – battling monsters with word counts in a set time frame, and points for hitting 444 words per day, and streaks to maintain… it’s brilliant!

That, unfortunately, was the only writing I got done yesterday. My gnat-like attention span has decided I’ve finished Steel Fist for now, but I know (logically, as opposed to practically) that I still have a fair bit to write. My plan, such as it is, involves taking a weekend day and writing the scenes on my list until I hit 200k, then leaving the whole thing alone for seven or eight months.

In that gap, I can be writing other things using this overview-to-scene planning method, such as The Mob Accountant, Quirky Vampire Girl (working title), or even one of the numerous romances stored in my head.

I have a feeling new year’s resolutions for 2016 will include ‘write one whole effing story’.

NaNoWriMo Day 18 – Whoops

So, I – er – completely forgot to update my word count yesterday. There goes that last badge. *sigh*

In other news, I’ve been organising the scenes already written in Scrivener. I like it, but it’s kind of annoying in that I can’t see a word count except in one particular mode.

Last night, my other half gave me a nice long overview of his novel, should he ever get around to writing it. It was rather difficult not to picture how I would write it; I get the sense I wouldn’t be forgiven that one.

Then again, there’s that old saying: good writers borrow ideas from other people; great writers steal them outright… We shall see. It wouldn’t be the first time someone told me an idea and I ran with it (in probably a totally different direction).

I’m also not proud that I was rather critical – there were a few points I felt wouldn’t stand up to scrutiny (and one complete cop-out), but that’s not a reason for him not to write it that way. The only way to get this kind of thing right is to get it wrong a few times. Just like science, I suppose.

Anyway, I may or may not get any additional writing done today, but I know for a fact that next year’s NaNo will be done differently. And my procrastiscarf is coming along nicely 🙂

NaNoWriMo Day 17 – Inspiration!

What if, right, what if I just write the continuation of the story? I have a whole other plot for the youngest child of the main characters – in a different place with different characters. I could write that for the rest of NaNo!

This one, however, will be properly plotted. 50k or bust by 2015-11-30! That’s 12 days (tonight will be plotting) to write it. Assuming I can do 5k per day as early in Steel Fist, I won’t have a problem!

…second-guessing myself here. Why don’t I just plot Steel Fist and write the scenes which haven’t already been done? That way I am both a plotter and a pantser this year…

NaNoWriMo Day 17

Today, I’m back at work, feeling much better than yesterday.

I’ve got a few hundred words done, but tonight will be the real push to get some more written. That said, I may not have that much time – as my other half pointed out last night, I’m not a night owl at all. Staying up ’til midnight doesn’t agree with me; I’m more of an early bird getting up at 6.

The plan, now that I have hit the word count, is to go through and add more description to things. In addition, there are a few other bits I’d like to do: more on the ‘villains’ (really just rivals), and the ‘newssheet’ articles which will separate the chapters.

I’ve been thinking more on my other stuff too – going through an older one in my head yesterday (other half forbade me from exhausting myself by writing), I got some new ideas about where that story goes. I’ve also just about reconciled myself to the idea that I won’t make a living writing. I may well one day be able to make some money, but there’s no way I’ll make enough to stop having another job. *sob* There goes my dream of working from home.

Then there’s the undeniable lack of enthusiasm I’m having for writing this story – psychologically, I’ve won so I can stop. I need to work out what will motivate me to continue – especially given I only had a vague ending target, not a properly plotted story to write scene by scene. Next time, I’ll be a plotter rather than a pantser I think.

NaNoWriMo Day 16 – Update

I went home ill at lunchtime, and didn’t sneak in some cheeky writing. No, I went to bed and promptly to sleep. Currently struggling to stay awake long enough to eat dinner. I doubt I’ll be getting any more writing done today.

These colds seem to be hitting me a lot harder than they used to; I distinctly remember being able to dose up on painkillers and decongestants and basically forget I had any symptoms until they wore off. I dosed up this morning and still snuffled and sneezed my way through the day, replete with pounding headache. Either I’ve built up a tolerance or I’m getting less capable of handling the common cold. Either is a fairly worrying prospect.

As for the writing, my other half had the nerve to suggest that I would attempt to do some when I came home. I couldn’t concentrate on work, much less creative writing! What I didn’t truly realise until I began doing it in earnest is that writing takes a whole lot more effort than posting invoices and configuring software options. Writing is harder than my job by a fair margin.

Fingers crossed that tomorrow I’ll be able to stay up, go to work, and do some more wording in the evening; the prospect of not doing any is quite depressing, even though I’ve technically won NaNoWriMo. All I can say is that I’ve got into the habit now; the valve is open and I don’t want it to close.

The procrastiscarf has also been sorely neglected of late; I got about five rows done last night and that was the whole weekend. Further updates when I resume normal function…


NaNoWriMo Day 16

Yesterday, I kind of sat on my laurels a bit. 188 words, and some half-arsed configuration in Scrivener (I spent most of my time in there sorting out the structure for Ice & Earth). Today, I plan to get a bit more done, even if it leaves me shattered.

As it happens, I already feel like death warmed over – this is a rotten cold. I don’t remember colds being this bad when I was a teenager; they seem to be getting worse as I get older. As it is, I’m deaf in one ear (though nowhere near as bad as my best friend with a burst eardrum) and have a sporadic headache. Neither of which is conducive to getting my work done, much less writing a novel.

Then again, that’s a pretty good prompt. What happens when someone in the story gets a cold?

Arcane man-flu. Nice one. Now I have to go and write that.

NaNoWriMo Day 15

So mostly what I did today was start plotting my next novel. There is hope, however: I still plan to knock out a scene or two tonight in between watching TV.

I got Scrivener today; I’ve used it before in Ubuntu, but this is the first time in windows. I love the ability to organise things however I like, but it does somewhat facilitate my habit of taking a story and making it into a multi book epic…

NaNoWriMo Day 14

I HIT 50k!!!!!!

That’s right – I finally attained that goal, only 4 days late!

The beauty of having achieved that after deciding I needed some directional changes is that there is now a metric wagonload of material I need to write – from the officers bonding with the children, to the antagonists’ scenes, which I have so far completely neglected.

Also, having hit my NaNo target, I now feel as though it’s not cheating to integrate the month’s efforts with the 25k I wrote before, which should help me get a handle on what happens and when.

It’s a good thing about NaNo – because the focus is on doing the writing, every time I hit a motivational obstacle I find a new reason to continue. Thank you NaNoWriMo!!

NaNoWriMo Day 13

I broke 49k today, which is decent. I’m hoping this weekend will give me a chance to write a lot more than I have this week, though if last weekend is any indication it may be that I need to do something else first for the words to flow properly.

It’s fun working on the non-main-plot stuff, and I can feel certain aspects of the story changing – in particular the way the magic works. This is good, as it seems like proof to me that I am improving as I go. I should certainly hope I know my characters better now than I did when I began – though in this instance my favourite is the one I created by accident on NaNo day 2…

Good luck in your writing, and may my story be finished before my procrastiscarf is!