Post-NaNo Catchup

Hello there.

I’m writing this in a lull at work during November, and will doubtless post it having written over five or six different days.

I wanted to get down that I feel like I’ve been promoted. Not the you’ve-got-a-payrise kind, more that people are actually talking to me as though I’m in a position of authority. I’m used to being the one to sign things – I’ve worked in finance for years – but now people are calling me. On my work phone. It’s actually a heady feeling. And this week (on the 5th) I went for my first business lunch (as opposed to grabbing lunch on the way to a meeting).

I think it has something to do with acting like I’m in charge of something – perhaps there is something to my boss’ “Take Ownership” spiel after all.

Two weeks later (18th) and I still feel in charge, but of my life rather than work. Or at least my writing. I’ve been off ill for half a day (yes, that *is* a thing) and yesterday decided to actually plot my novel. An hour later, I have a scene list.

I’ve been fairly terrible about writing the last week or so – hitting 50k was a bit of a bad thing for me, I think. I will be submitting my 50k for validation on Friday (20th), but it’s taken away my drive to just pour the words out. I suppose that means I just need to find another motivator.

I have also discovered, which is a game-type writing interface which sends you ‘questing’ and ‘battling monsters’ to hit word counts within time limits. It’s looking good so far, but they’re currently doing site maintenance, which is slightly annoying when I’m in the mood to write. Nonetheless, it’s promising as I’ve already written around 3k on there.


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