NaNoWriMo Day 17

Today, I’m back at work, feeling much better than yesterday.

I’ve got a few hundred words done, but tonight will be the real push to get some more written. That said, I may not have that much time – as my other half pointed out last night, I’m not a night owl at all. Staying up ’til midnight doesn’t agree with me; I’m more of an early bird getting up at 6.

The plan, now that I have hit the word count, is to go through and add more description to things. In addition, there are a few other bits I’d like to do: more on the ‘villains’ (really just rivals), and the ‘newssheet’ articles which will separate the chapters.

I’ve been thinking more on my other stuff too – going through an older one in my head yesterday (other half forbade me from exhausting myself by writing), I got some new ideas about where that story goes. I’ve also just about reconciled myself to the idea that I won’t make a living writing. I may well one day be able to make some money, but there’s no way I’ll make enough to stop having another job. *sob* There goes my dream of working from home.

Then there’s the undeniable lack of enthusiasm I’m having for writing this story – psychologically, I’ve won so I can stop. I need to work out what will motivate me to continue – especially given I only had a vague ending target, not a properly plotted story to write scene by scene. Next time, I’ll be a plotter rather than a pantser I think.


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