NaNoWriMo Day 8 – The Doldrums

I now have 38,136 words written. But I’m not happy; I’m still behind where I should be for my 5k per day target, and I feel as though I’ve already covered all the important bits. Unless I expand on things I expect I’ll want to cut later, how do I grow the story? Going back and adding descriptions to things will only go so far. Perhaps doing some more fight scenes would work – and there *is* a big battle I haven’t written yet. But even that can’t go more than a few thousand words, not unless I stretch it out overmuch a la Brandon Sanderson in A Memory of Light.

I will probably introduce another subplot, perhaps with the main characters to give them more page time. I have already written more about the secondary characters than I planned to – and while they’re just as interesting, it’s not supposed to be their story.

For now, I’m leaving the keyboard and coming back tomorrow with a scene from my head. Good night, and keep writing!


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