NaNoWriMo Day 7 Update

Yeah, I think it’s pretty clear I won’t hit 10k today – but I will hit my standard target of 5k. Already at four, I can do this. If I want to catch up to my proper target though, I need to write about 8k tomorrow – which means an early start. I only began after midday today, which was never going to end well, what with doing the shopping and going to a fireworks display. Then, of course, my other half decided he was finally going to watch some long-stored episodes of Top Gear. Thanks, Ryan.

So I have been getting on with the ‘tippy-tapping’, as my grumpier half calls it, getting a sprint on as soon as he switched the TV off. I reckon that in order to prevent this kind of interruption, I need to write when he isn’t awake – i.e. in the morning. I wake up earlier on weekdays, too, so that shouldn’t be a hard sell.

Enough procrastination: I will now vomit 1,005 words (don’t ask) and be off to bed for a well-earned(!) sleep.


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