NaNoWriMo Day 3

I’ve got 1,000 words done today – that’s 20% of the target. I am confident I can get to 5k today, unlike yesterday when it was 4.6k.

I also kind of think I might manage to string this lot into a story – I’m currently jumping around all over the place but I am still writing scenes I’ve already gone through in my head; so I know they’re helpful in the story.

This is when my impatience kicks in – I want there to be someone poking me, going ‘keep going, you still have x thousand words to write’ when I hit 50k, but I know that’s the end of the nice badges and things. I’ll have to make my own – flood this blog with achievements for word counts and story progress.

Let me know if you’d bother to keep up with that; I suspect it would be a tad too self-centred.

Keep writing, and one day we’ll all be authors.


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