NaNoWriMo – Day 01

I wrote 5k today – yay!

All I have to do now is maintain my daily target – easier said than done on weekdays – and I’ll be in with a chance of writing this novel. Of course, 50k isn’t nearly enough – I’ll need at least double, if not triple, that number of words for this novel, but it’s more progress than I’ve managed on anything else to date.

I’ve also discovered hitherto unknown reserves of verbosity – the 5k I wrote today is not exactly a large portion of my story. I could just about see one plot point covered, if that. I suspect I’m going to be spending quite a few very late nights on this over the coming weeks – and I may not cease at the end of November. Perhaps I should be targeting 150k by the end of January – though whether that’s even possible is yet to be discussed.

Fingers crossed for me – and good luck if you’re doing it too!

Official Word Count Today: 5,007

Cumulative Word Count: 5,007


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