Exhausting my stock of posts didn’t take long – I was away this weekend without my laptop, which is when I usually catch up. The last week has been in turns boring, incredibly stressful, and scary. It was lovely seeing my family, despite the trek up to Barrow (the M6 is evil). It was also lovely coming home and sleeping in my own bed.

I have also been thinking again about freelancing – a topic that always comes into my head when I’ve seen or spoken to my sister, who is self-employed. I’ve managed a fair bit of writing over the last few weeks, though not enough to actually complete anything. I’ve also let my coding slip, losing my streak on Codecademy. The plan remains in place, but I’ve been set back by this. Scheduling my day never seems to work, and I’ve had another idea-rush the last several days. Too much time to think 🙂

So what can I do? Get caught up on television and hope I stumble on the answer? Use my few remaining days off to power through things? Or do what I keep balking at and leave the house with my laptop, staking out a cafe or something. That would probably work for the writing, but not the coding. What I need, ideally, is someone to give my goals to, who will chase me regularly. Fat chance of that.

Work is going to be as expected – which is to say, not too fun. Last Thursday my boss told me to go out for lunch, leaving unspoken the clear ‘or else’. I was then treated on Tuesday to half an hour on improving my personality. Nothing is quite so likely to send me into a mood as being told to change myself. Toes are now firmly dug in.

This post has been thoroughly random and nowhere near my usual coherence; I apologise. Next time will be better.


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