OK, possibly a stupid thing, but… I signed up to this year’s NaNo. For a book I’ve already got 20k on. The challenge is going to be writing 50k of new stuff that isn’t complete drivel, so wish me luck.

I’m officially pantsing (writing by the seat of the pants, or as we proper people call them, trousers), so I have a feeling there will be some overlap. It’s quite lucky that this year the first day is at the weekend, so I can drown my misery at Scotland being knocked out of the world cup well before the final in the words which will undoubtedly flow.

The goal, besides 50k of usable content, is to be done with it by 28th, which is my other half’s birthday and also when his family (and twin brother) are descending on us, so I know already I won’t get any writing done that weekend.

This makes it a wee bit harder, since I now have to fit in 1852 words per day rather than 1667. As long as I get a nice long burst in each weekend, and don’t actually attempt to have a social life of any kind, I might just manage it. If I can randomly knock out 5k in one sitting, as I did about three weeks ago, this should be a piece of cake. Right?

I’ll post my word count every day, and measure it against my target progress. I have a feeling it’ll be disappointing on a Thursday and fine again by Monday. For the first 27 days of November. And the last three if I manage to do any writing then ;p


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