Jobhunting and other things

Getting new ideas is, as usual, not an issue for me. They hit me in the middle of the night, on the drive to work, or with a snippet of overheard conversation.

Writing, now that’s a challenge. There’s the time required, the equipment required, and the motivation required to do it. All three coinciding is an occurrence of the frequency of Halley’s Comet. In order to combat this, I have tried keeping a notebook around at all times, but it’s not especially helpful. Tackling motivation is easy – all I have to do is remind myself of what I could achieve if I could only give up the day job. That has become highly motivational in recent weeks. The single most difficult thing is time – I drive to and from work, so I can’t do it then. I cook dinner and go swimming in my lunch break, so I can’t do it then. At weekends I need a rest from the hassle of my job, so I rarely find the time to do it then. What can I do?

Schedule it. I don’t mean put it in the calendar – I mean agree on a place and a regular time and go outside of my house and write at my destination. I’m thinking of becoming a pub-goer for this reason.

Not that I have the money. As I frequently whine, I don’t earn enough of it to put enough away to save. This has the nasty side-effect of keeping me in a job that isn’t going anywhere, as well as stagnating my skills.

The dilemma is easily solved; get a progressive, better-paid job. But here’s the catch: I haven’t got the qualifications or experience to gain the relevant experience in the fields I’m actually good at.

I applied for a graduate job at the weekend, neglecting to mention that I didn’t have a degree. I’m hoping for actual feedback, and not just ‘you were insufficiently qualified’. It will inform future forays into trying to get the kind of job I actually want, à la Bridget Jones. Then again, I could just be deluding myself that I’m more intelligent than my qualifications show. As a rule, within one meeting most people have decided that I’m smart.


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