Inspiration (but still not enough writing)

Work has been driving me up the wall lately. If I’m not dealing with complete idiots asking me to send them the same information every time something references it, I’m being ranted at about things outside of my control – by people above me in the chain.

Get me out of this place. I like my colleagues, but the management and the customers are something else altogether.

I’ve actually made some progress on my non-fiction writing in the last couple of weeks – planning and drafting parts of a grammar guide. I’m not sure whether I will make it to full book length, but if I don’t I can always publish as a web guide. Just as soon as my web hosting provider tells me how to upload a site I’ve created without them.

The next step is to work some more on the fiction, but I’ve been distracted lately with job-hunting and CV-updating. I’m on the fence as to whether or not to look at going to university. I’m pretty sure my other half would prefer me not to, but the wall I come up against degree-less is making me rethink.

In other news, I did some baking at the weekend, for the first time in ages. Lemon meringue pie – pastry was tasty if not even, lemon filling was perfect, and meringue was a flop. It doesn’t help that I don’t actually like meringue, but the other half adores it so usually persuades me.

After a great deal of thought, and a few false starts, I’ve settled on a format for The Bridge: episodic serial. I will write a four-chapter story arc, in a season of 20-24 episodes. Planning has commenced for season one; wish me luck!


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