The Week of the Website

I started knocking together a website for myself using html and css last week, and of course it’s grown into a behemoth with pages for my CV, my portfolio (not my job history), my skills and more.  I’m happy that I can showcase my (recently refreshed) coding skills, but it’s a little worrying that I can do all this and still not work out how to post it to my web hosting service. I can get the files on, but I have no idea how to make them readily available.

Given the amount of time I spent referencing w3schools, I decided to take a look at my Codecademy profile – and promptly launched back into the Python track I abandoned a few months ago. It’s reminded me of two things:

  1. My love of language learning isn’t going to go away; and
  2. There is surprisingly little you need to remember about programming languages.

I’ve also been beavering away at the PRINCE2 reference, which has naturally led to the question: “could I write a program to handle these inputs?”

Given that PRINCE2 comprises an awful lot of documentation, I think the company (and anyone else) could benefit from my doing it. The only real question is, can I actually do it? Just because I can visualise a nice clear browser-based application doesn’t mean when I come to code it that anything will work.


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