Manx as the hills, yessir

Having spent the last week in the isle of man, visiting family and collecting my son, I’ve had a wonderful break from work. Less wonderful is my break from writing – three hours on a ferry is great for productivity, as are two hours on a train. Less helpful is the time spent with family, everyone determined we get out of the house and do things. *shudder*

With the roads being closed, it forces you to acknowledge how useful it is to have many different roads going in the same direction, though admittedly that may have been by design as the tt course was first laid out over a hundred years ago. The locals must have captained for roads to be paved in such a way that there was an easy route in disturbed areas.

Family time – the normality of being alone together – is something that’s nice to share with people you don’t live with any more.

Getting new ideas is par for the course as a writer, but there’s still not much as annoying as being struck with a new idea and no way to get it down. The most irritating of these situations is when the materials are present and you’re not allowed to use them, namely late at night when you’re awake and your partner’s asleep. Even worse than not having a notepad around. Or a pen.


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