The Bridge

The Bridge – First Look

What do you do when a tear appears in the fabric of reality? Investigate, of course. That’s how Kari met a man who swears she looks exactly like his wife, and can describe far too much of her life history for comfort. What’s a girl to do but use her nerdy interest in popular physics to find out how he got here and why he seems to be getting ill?

She just knows the answer to all her questions can be found at this tear – which her new friend is calling The Rift. He’s into naming, even insisting that he got here by – get this – walking across a bridge. As if. Of course, there might be a small issue with getting him home, as the army has moved in. Looks like they’ll have to learn how to sneak past trained soldiers, as well as how to recreate technology Kari’s never heard of but is commonplace in Martan’s home… Apparently her counterpart is an expert at this stuff.


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