Reading Material Choices

So I’ve reached the point where I have no posts in reserve – and I need to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

I’ve had a spate of ideas this week – including some impressive opening scenes. The fact that my current reading material (Shifter Romance) seems to have strongly influenced most of these suggests that I may need to be reading fantasy in order to write it. On an ongoing basis, I mean, rather than in general. This stunning conclusion also ties in to the knowledge that two weeks ago I was reading different things (an Old Kingdom reread) and it seems to be the result of that most taboo of subjects: the female menstrual cycle.

Let’s be clear; I’m not talking about PMS or the actual functions. I’m talking about the hormonal balance’s cyclical shift from day to day in women between the ages of 13 and 60. It’s taken me until this year to work it out, but my self-esteem fluctuates massively based on the time of the month. My mood swings low (as low as was fairly consistently at the age of 17 – that was a bad year for me), then up to slightly happy, then low again. Outright joy seems to be limited to short bursts during the general positive stage.

The way I’m feeling, of course, has a big influence on the things I want to read at any given time, as when I’m low I really don’t want to be trying to focus on something big and serious. When I’m low, I want to be reading pick-me-up humour and happy endings, hence the preponderance of romance. During that light uplift, I can focus on the workings of another world, but as soon as my mood plummets again I have to drop it.

The website I have half-heartedly been building since I bought the domain has been decidedly neglected of late, with my web focus having mostly been on the TiddlyWikis. Having uploaded them this morning, I now have no excuse to keep ignoring the site, which I really need to spend some time standardising. I may just create a ‘page under construction’ message for everything until I’m happy with it. Assuming I’m ever happy with it. Deciding what’s going to be included is the hard part. Should I put things like progress bars, or should it be sample chapters? Should I create the Runic bookstore or wait until there are a certain number of titles available?

The questions will all be rendered moot, however, until I decide the most important thing: will I do this myself or pay for someone else to do it?

The next item on the agenda is the big backlog of books on my to-read list. See you next time for a rundown of what, when and why.


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