Adding More Detail to the Dream

Thinking more about making the dream a reality – of being a full-time writer – has occupied a little more of my time this week than normal. I have thought about the amount I need to be writing to get there in the first place, and the way I’m going to manage the work when I do make it my profession. What I have yet to determine is the point at which I know I’m making enough to go full-time as a writer.

The amount of writing I do on any given day is… variable, at best. I have seen numerous articles, etc. on building up the word count, by practise and by motivation. I know the motivation I would like to use; it’s the practice element I’m struggling with with which I’m struggling. Getting 500 words written in a day is becoming an achievement, something I’m not really happy with at the moment; on the other hand, that’s 500 words more than I was doing before.

What is probably the biggest impediment is the lack of a set time of day or location in which to write. If I could only force myself to allocate a set period, I get the distinct impression I’d be more productive. Take this blog: I’ve promised myself (and anyone who actually reads this) that I will post once a week, on a Wednesday. WordPress is lovely and lets me schedule posts so I can write when I’m inspired and then forget about it until I have a miniature panic attack over being late with it. For reference, I get that way about being late for anything.

As regards writing once it’s the day job, I’ve been paying attention to the writings of those who have arrived before me. It seems likely that I’m going to have as variable an output as I do now, so the plan for now is simply, get into the habit.

Then it’s down to brass tacks. Ideally, I’d be making from writing the money I am now, but that is probably aiming too high. The minimum I would actually need to be making is enough to cover my existing costs (car loan, paying off credit cards, etc.), as I won’t have any childcare expenditure once I can choose my own hours. At least, that’s the theory.

In summary, and with much less flair than my thousand-word-epic from last week: I want to be a professional writer, and I really can’t wait until my dream comes true 😀


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