Charging Forward

Today I wrote… probably 1500 words. That’s pretty good for me, but unfortunately it was across three different stories, which gets me hardly anywhere on the way towards my targets. Finishing a story – writing it rather than plotting it – is my big weakness. I already know how it ends, so I don’t stress too much about how I get there.

Big mistake, I know.

In an attempt to get myself on track, I logged a target word count of 200,000 words for one of my stories in yWriter (the software I use) by the end of August. Given it was late June and I’d had two whole days (gasp) of productivity, I was feeling pretty good about it. Then life did its thing and got in the way. Now, I’ll be lucky to manage 50k by the end of August, let alone four times that.

It has to be said that writing time should come more easily from the end of this month, when I hand over my parenting duties to my fantastic mother for the summer holidays. We shall have to see if I can:

a) write regularly

b) write one story consistently

c) finish a story. any story.

Stay tuned for progress updates.


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